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About Irvine Therapy Services, Inc.

Irvine Therapy Services (ITS) is an organization that strives to assist in kids’ development whenever it is naturally lacking. Kids need to be able to interact with the world around them so that they may grow and mature, but sometimes their sensory processing do not advance at typical pace and as a result young children may be averse to settings such as playgrounds, elevators, or to feeling the sense of touch. That’s where Irvine Therapy Services come in.
Based in Irvine, CA the ITS development therapists perform a wide range of therapy including:
• Individualized Treatment
• Home Programs
• Classroom Consultations
• Parent Education & Support Services
If your child is missing developmental milestones, Irvine Therapy Services may be able to help.

October is Sensory Awareness Month


Sensory Awareness RibbonMost people know about the 5 senses they use to experience their environment, but did you know that there are 2 more senses that provide feedback about your own body?  What if your nervous system did not adequately process the sensory information from your body and the environment?  Individuals who have a sensory processing disorder and/or poor sensory integration can have difficulty with perceiving and discriminating between various sensory stimuli.  This can make learning new motor skills difficult.  Other individuals might have difficulty modulating the nervous system’s response to various sensations and exhibit a hypo-, hyper-, or mixed-sensitivity that impairs their ability to participate in daily self-care activities, sustain attention, or adequately regulate their emotions and cope with various scenarios.  If this sounds like your child, he or she may have a sensory processing disorder.

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