Is your child not meeting developmental milestones?

The answer may lie in sensory processing…img_1066-edit-2

Sensory processing is the foundation for many areas of child development, including sensory-motor development, social-emotional development, attention, and self-regulation.  In order for children to develop the skills they need to interact with the world, their nervous systems need to be able to adequately process the sensory information taken in by their seven senses.  When sensory processing is inefficient, disruptions in child development can occur.  Does one of the following describe your child:

  • Your baby is avoidant of tummy time
  • Your baby is not crawling on hands and knees by 8 months
  • Your child does not like the grass at the park or the sand on the beach or the playground
  • Your child’s grasp on a pencil or crayon is poor
  • Your child has difficulty fully participating in playground activities or sports

These missed developmental milestones of childhood (and many others) could signal sensory processing challenges.  For further information, please reference our Child Development Checklists and/or contact our office to consult with a member of our staff.