Our clients say…

"Irvine Therapy Services is a wonderful therapy center!! The staff and therapists there genuinely care about the well being of my child. Our therapist is intentional when working with my child. She researches for more impactful ways to help my child based on his specific needs. I am grateful for a professional who is kind and great at what she does. Thank you, Irvine Therapy Services!!"  -Marisa (Irvine, CA)

"We have known our occupational therapist Ms. Jennifer for about a two years now and she is wonderful with our son. When we started with her, our son at 3 was struggling to fit in and he was unable to survive in any environment without us constantly taking care of his needs. He had no idea how to react to or interact with peers and he was gradually beginning to regress into his shell. We were not sure as to what was going on in his mind and felt helpless.

We were referred to Irvine Therapy Services by our Speech Therapist who felt that our son may need help with Sensory regulation and modulation. Ms. Jennifer and the team at Irvine Therapy Services helped us understand our son’s challenges and recommended a very effective customized treatment plan for him.

The OT sessions are done in an awesome Sensory Gym with varied activities that caters to each child’s interests and challenges them to be creative, curious and spontaneous. The sessions are designed to build their abilities, overcome their weaknesses, guide them to maintain an appropriate level of arousal and teach them to self-regulate in difficult/overwhelming environments. There are many opportunities to interact with peers who may have sessions during the same time slot with other therapists – this helps to build social skills as well. All the therapists in the team collaborate to help each child and bring their wide range of experiences and techniques to the therapy sessions. Jennifer constantly gives us ideas by which we can help our son at home. She also guides us with what we need to work on next to get him ready for the situations he will be in as he grows and develops.

Within a few months of starting therapy, we saw phenomenal progress with our son. In this short 2 years he has come a long way - almost an exponential growth trajectory and now he is a happy, friendly, confident, well adjusted, very perceptive, smart little man. We are very thankful to her for all her guidance and help. I highly recommend her and Irvine Therapy Services to any parent out there looking for help for their child."  -Nives (Irvine, CA)

"Our daughter has been working with Jennifer at Irvine Therapy Services for several years now- working on sensory integration, motor planning, and self help skills. She has come a long way and we feel that she will be able to fully integrate into the adult world based on the help she has received here.  Our daughter adores Jennifer, and every session we get an update on what happened and what goals are being worked on. Besides therapy, they do testing as well. They also work hard to find the best approach to assist with insurance as well. We are very glad that we chose Irvine Therapy Services and highly recommend them."  -Jeff (Anaheim Hills, CA)

"My oldest was 2 1/2 years old when we first walked through the door at Irvine Therapy.  As a relatively new mom I was nervous not knowing what to expect, but hopeful that in this place my son and I would find answers and would receive the help we needed. From day one, the staff was professional, warm, friendly and most importantly willing to educate me so I could be the best parent to my son and provide him with the most opportunities as he grew older. Who would have known that 2 years later...my second child would also require their services.....it was like starting over as her needs were different, but to no avail the staff quickly assessed and began building  on the strong foundation with teaching me how to help her.

Through the years, Priya has made trips to my children's school to evaluate teachers and make recommendations, she has educated my children's teachers, has always made herself available to listen and to help my children. My children are now ages 11 and 8 and I still send Irvine Therapy emails asking questions and seeking information. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and love the staff at Irvine Therapy has shown our family and highly recommend their facility to anyone in need of their services."  -Charlotte (Orange, CA)

"My son, Max, started at Irvine Therapy Services about 2 years ago. He challenges are more complex and include both sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia. His therapist, Jennifer, really understands Max both intuitively and intellectually. She knows how to work with him even on days when his communication is slow and frustration is high. She finds creative ways for him to gain new skills. The atmosphere in the gym, during the session, promotes social skills and Max often wants to join in and do what the other children are doing. The welcoming environment along with the expertise at Irvine Therapy Services truly makes it a great place."  -Samantha (Newport Beach, CA)

"Not only did OT directly address my son's severe tactile sensitivity and difficulty with self-care issues, but it also reached out far beyond and supported his physical, emotional, mental and cognitive growth and development. Neither my son nor I could imagine where we would be today had we not had the support we received and the therapeutic relationships we formed with the staff at ITS."  -Tomo (Irvine, CA)

"ITS was highly recommended to us, and my son has been with ITS for 3 years now. He was having a difficult time in preschool, but is now doing well in elementary school, and I give ITS much credit for his success. My son looks forward to the therapy sessions and really enjoys being with his therapist who is always encouraging him, and also helping him develop his social skills. The gym is well equipped, and the therapy is filled with innovative games, swings and obstacle courses that make the gym a big indoor playground for kids.  I appreciate getting feedback after every session, and his therapist is always interested in listening to how he is doing in school. I find the director to be very knowledgeable and approachable, and the front office staff to be very helpful with scheduling and insurance matters.  The facility itself is bright and clean, with ample parking. I feel fortunate that my son is getting the help he needs from what I believe to be the best occupational therapy clinic in Orange County. A big thank you to all at ITS from a grateful parent!"  -J.G. (Irvine, CA)